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These Add-On Graphics can be ordered with or without text by using either our Wood Handle Hand Stamp or Self-Inking Stamp online order forms. The price is determined by the stamp size/type you choose (no additional charge for adding an add-on graphic).

Here are a few ordering guidelines:
For adding an add-on graphic to your stamp text, choose a stamp size that will accommodate both your text and the add-on graphic. We will re-size the graphic to fit proportionally with your stamp text. Also indicate which add-on graphic you want in the "Special Instructions" field of our order form and where you want the add-on graphic to be located in relationship to the text body (i.e. left of the text body, right of the text body, above, below, middle, etc.).
For an add-on graphic only stamp (no text), the add-on graphic can be re-sized to fit your stamping needs or to fit a particular stamp size. For stamp impression clarity, we recommend the add-on graphic be no smaller than 3/8" high. On our online order form, leave the text lines blank and simply indicate in the "Special Instructions" field which add-on graphic you would like on the stamp.
Hope this helps, if not, please e-mail us using the address at the bottom of this page.

 Wood Handle Hand Stamps requires the use of a ink stamp pad which is available from our Rubber Stamp Supplies page.


 Graphic images below do not reflect stamp quality.

Branch 1

Clover 1

Palm Tree 1

Palm Tree 2

Rose 1

Rose 2

Rose 3

Sunflower 1

Sunflower 2

Tree 1

Tree 2

Tree 3

Tree 4

Tree 5

Tree 6

Tree 7



More Graphics to Come.
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